We will crown ACTHA's Favorite Trail Horse through a video competition for both pro and pleasure divisions awarding a 100% payout jackpot. ACTHA staff will select a total of 50 videos to go on to the finals round for voting.  We will be looking for athleticism, character, and personality.  The ratio of pro and pleasure finalists will depend on the ratio of pro and pleasure entries, The jackpot will be issued according to the number of entries.  For example, 200 entries (100 pro, 100 pleasure) X $50 = $10,000, awarding $5,000 to the pro division Champion and $5,000 to the pleasure division Champion.  The Champion and Reserve Champion of each division will receive a beautiful silver buckle from Molly's Custom Silver.  Weekly voting will be on ACTHA.TV and will show 10 videos each week.  The winners from the weekly voting will be shown on the last week of voting to be voted and crowned as the pro and pleasure division winners.


Congratulations to the below finalists!  Thank you to all of the entrants, we are honored to have been able to view all of your wonderful trail horses! 


The payout is $4600 ($2300 pro, $2300 pleasure)!


Weekly voting starts Tuesday, May 15th 7pm CST on ACTHA.TV!  Voting will be open for 48 hours each week from 7pm Tuesday through 7pm Thursday. You will be able to vote for your favorite professional and pleasure horse.  Each week's videos will be viewable starting at 7pm each Tuesday.  The winner from that week will be revealed on the voting page as soon as voting is complete.  To avoid stacking of votes, each IP address will be limited to 10 unique email votes.


5/15/2012 -week 1
Professional       Pleasure    
Rider Horse Breed   Rider Horse Breed
Marcie Stimmel Valentine Pinto   George Ehmer P.S. No Joke Appaloosa
Tiffany Beechinor Tucker Curly Horse   James Morrison Rein Quarter Horse
Kathy DeHass Just Plain 'Twister' APHA   Ruth Grayless Red Jo Jo Mo Fox Trotter
Cyndi Ragland Petey AQHA/ABRA   Jody Simonton Sage Quixote AQHA
Deborah Hedges Peponitas Boy sue AQHA    Betsy Schoettlin Saffron Haflinger
5/22/2012 - week 2
Professional       Pleasure    
Rider Horse Breed   Rider Horse Breed
Lori Miller Tonto Mustang   Betsi Bixby Boston's Dee Dee AQHA
Dale Rumens-Partee Joe Blue Hancock AQHA   Joyce Roberts Bonita AQHA/NFQHA
Cindy Branham Tucker the Mustang Mustang   Beverly Bingaman Zahirah Amirah Arabian cross
Mary Pickard Ranger Mustang   Wendy Pangle Doodle Grade
McKenzie Teel Utah Paint   Michael Veatch Windchester AQHA
5/29/2012 - week 3
Professional       Pleasure    
Rider Horse Breed   Rider Horse Breed
Travis Andersen Luke AQHA   Lynette Ralph DJ Mo Fox Trotter
A Jo Young Splash Mule   Judy Ellis HB Smokey AQHA
Cyd Birns Calypso Arabian Horse Kathryn Richardson Bones AQHA
Inez Throm Drifter Mustang   Lari Ann Ferguson Maggie Iron Threat TN Walking Horse
Sara Perdue SSR Double Watch Paint   Lori Silcher Bali Mangalarga Marchador
6/5/2012 - week 4
Professional       Pleasure    
Rider Horse Breed   Rider Horse Breed
Rita Tupa Our Last Valentine BS Paint   Jessica McElroy Tivoli Percheron
Debbie Murry Gitzherbootsdirty APHA   Cynthia Thompson They Call Me Tucker Spotted Saddle
Tracy Porter Cas Paso Fino   Jenny Greenhouse Caspienne Thoroughbred
CJ Millar Ridge Arab   Terri Howard English Major QH/TB
Danielle Mayland Zorro Mustang   Kay Prince Hansum Quarter Horse
6/12/2012 - week 5
Professional       Pleasure    
Rider Horse Breed   Rider Horse Breed
Carolyn Stimmel Cuatro Appendix QH   Kelly Bailey Bonnie Blue Quarter Horse
Sharon Hallman PJ Grade Appaloosa Carolyn Groves Hollis Quarter Horse
William Revelle Buckwheat Mule   Tracy Auch Tazer Morgan/QH
Laurie Taylor Dunn n Sassy AQHA   Kelly Hurd Reflections Angel American Indian Horse
Jasmine Lechner Weston Mustang   Christine Hall Aces TN Walker