ACTHA’s Founders, were tired of long drives to multi-day, timed competitions. They wanted a venue where they could enjoy their horses and the wonderful scenery around them. Of course they wanted some challenge and a chance to learn as well as show off their horse’s talents. But most of all they wanted beauty, comaraderie and fun!


Carrie Scrima            


Try as they might to find this in areas they were interested in or on a national level, their search was in vain. So Carrie said "Let’s start one!". Thus the foundation for ACTHA began and The American Competitive Trail Horse Association Inc. was formed.

Today ACTHA is a national phenomenon with rides all across the USA. Wonderful sponsors and participants flock to ACTHA sanctioned rides and enable our higher Cause.…full equine employment to help ease the suffering of horses in need. 


ACTHA enables others to hold these wonderful casual competitions through its “Ride Host Program”. A Ride Host can be an individual, club or any organization wanting to raise funds. ACTHA provides assistance and aids, as well as a consulting member of ACTHA’s management team that joins with the Ride Host every step of the way. (For more on this look at “Host a Ride”).

Please join with us, and have fun, learn, win prizes and most of all help us stop the neglect that thousands of horses find themselves enduring. There are wonderful rescues doing everything they can…but they need help.  Every ride held donates to a horse charity in need.  Let’s have fun and feel good doing it!