Currently ACTHA events have two types of rides AOC's and CTC's.

Competitive Trail Challenge (CTC)?

A Competitive Trail Challenge (CTC) is a casual trail ride competition that is a 6-8 mile trail ride with judged obstacles (mostly natural) along the way. Each obstacle has its own judge. It is not a timed event. You will have a ride out time (usually within 30-60 minutes) to head out on the trail. You are encouraged to ride with your group, family, or friends. When you come to the obstacle & judge, you perform the obstacle 1 at a time. The trail rides usually take from 2-3 hours. After you come in from your ride, you can eat some lunch and be ready for the awards ceremony. Ribbons and prizes are given to 1st -6th place for Open, Pleasure, and the Junior divisions. Jackpot cash may also be awarded. These rides provide a natural setting for your horse and are a lot of fun! At the very least you will enjoy seeing great countryside on horseback and get to know a network of horse lovin' trail riders such as yourself!


ACTHA Obstacle Challenge (AOC)?

Held in an arena (indoor, outdoor, covered) or in a field; 8 to 16 ACTHA obstacles (depending on the format chosen by the local host), 2-4 judges;  Riders enjoy an opportunity to further their horsemanship skills in an enclosed setting by completing a set of 8 obstacles along an obstacle course. Riders can bring multiple horses. Enjoy lunch and awards following the competition. Ribbons and ACTHA Bucks will be awarded for Open, Pleasure, Scout, and Junior Divisions 1st thru 6th place.  All obstacles at an AOC are ACTHA approved obstacles located on our OBSTACLES page, set at 60 seconds, giving 8-16 minutes total arena time.

All ACTHA events.

Attendance is open to anyone.
Members can ride in their divisions, non-members can chose from 2 divisions the Scout and Buddy divisions.

Events are held EVERYWHERE!
They are held at various private ranches and state parks throughout the USA and Canada.

Events take place almost every weekend across the USA and in Canada.  Check the EVENTS & LOCATIONS tab for a list of rides and dates. This list is in real time.  When a Ride Host posts an event, you will see it listed once it is approved.


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